bra-myths-bustedMyth #1: You only need to wash your bra once a week.

Reality: You should wash your bra after every wear, or every other wear! (So if you alternate between 3 or 4 bras, once a week is ok!) Natural body oils will start to break down the fibres in your bra. The more you wash your bra, the longer it will last! Make sure to follow the washing instructions in our Recommended Bra Care blog post.

Myth #2: A good bra will last for years.

Reality: A good bra should last about 2 years IF you rotate between at least 3 everyday bras, and take proper care of them! Follow all the tips in our Recommended Bra Care blog post to maximize the lifespan of your bras!

Myth #3: When you know your size it’s easy to get a proper fitting bra.

Reality: Every brand and every style will fit differently…Bra sizes are not universal! It is very common to be different sizes in different brands. We always recommend trying on a bra before buying it.

Myth #4: It’s best to wear a white bra under a white or sheer shirt.

Reality: The best colour to wear under a white or sheer shirt is nude. The closer you can get to your natural skin tone, the more invisible your bra will be.

Myth #5: If you bra is uncomfortable, you need a bigger size.

Reality: This may be true in some cases, but not always! Your bra may be uncomfortable because it is too big and rubs against or digs into your skin. Also, a bra may be the correct size but the wrong style or shape for your body.


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