Bra Fittings

This is the subject that clients wonder about the most. What happens behind the fitting room doors in a lingerie boutique?  Women tell us they worry about standing in the buff and being measured. Yikes, that does sound unpleasant and not at all necessary for a proper bra fitting!

Bra Fittings VancouverHaving a well-fitting bra is important.  So how does it work?

That’s where Bare Basics comes in, or rather you come in to Bare Basics!

When you arrive, you will be welcomed by one of our friendly experts who will assess your needs. Whether you are a post-surgical client, a new mom looking for a nursing bra, a bride or grad searching for the right undergarments, or a woman wanting a complete bra makeover – we will fit you and aim to have some fun while doing it!

All of our fitters have been trained the “Bare Basics Way”, which has kept our clients coming back to us again and again. Bra fitting is part art, part science.  Our fitters are educated on how each brand and garment is fashioned.  As no two women are built identically, no two brands fit the same and no two styles are designed alike.  It is not uncommon that we may fit you in a certain size in one bra and a different size in another.

At Bare Basics, we never see a client without a bra on.  Our fitters are trained to fit by sight.  This means no tape measures are used to calculate your bra size.  First, we evaluate your size, (some say it is a hidden talent, but really, it comes from expert training and years of experience) and then we  bring you a basic bra to try on.  Next we come in to adjust and assess the fit and go from there.

We pride ourselves on having an amazing selection of sizes and styles to make sure we help you find a comfortable bra regardless of your size.

For more detailed information about bra fittings, please go to the FAQ.