Bra Fittings

The thing we hear most at the boutique prior to a fitting is “I love having a good bra, but hate trying them on”. Odds are, these clients leave with beaming smiles having actually enjoyed the experience of slowing down, taking time for themselves, and getting a proper fitting.

Bra Fittings VancouverAt Bare Basics, we lovingly joke that “you just stand there- we do all the work”. We fit bras differently, with an emphasis on physical fit and your comfort. All of our certified fitters in store have been trained our way, rather we will never come at you with a tape measure to make the fit. After showing you our iconic bra wall, we will chat through some of your options, styles, and preferences before guiding you into one of our fabulous fitting rooms. For the fitting, we gently place our hands on either side of your back, take a mental snapshot of your torso and find you a bra to try with your needs in mind- that’s it. We will then refine the fit after seeing it on you from there, whether this is bringing you a different size or style until we get it right. Just as no two busts are built alike, it is not uncommon for your fitter to fit you in one size in one brand, and a different size in another.

We pride ourselves in having an amazing selection to meet your specific needs ranging from first bras, lingerie lover’s favourites, and pieces that exude comfort in plenty of colours, fabrics, and sizes. 

For more details about our legendary process and fits, please navigate over to our FAQ page. If you cannot find your solution there, please do not hesitate to contact the boutique at 604 271 5330.



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