Fitting Room FAQs

What are we hoping to achieve with a bra fitting?

We want the bra to fit snugly around your rib cage.  This is where you get the main support.  We make sure that all the breast tissue is inside the bra cup by gently nudging the tissue into place.

You lift, we tuck!

Next, we adjust the bra straps to ensure they are not too loose or too tight — the best test is to see if we can easily run our index finger under the bra strap. Finally, we make certain that you feel comfortable, confident, and gorgeous in the bra.

Usually, this process takes 15 to 30 minutes and we strive to give you the most relaxing, enjoyable experience possible.

Why is it important to have a bra that fits properly?

A proper fitting bra can help reduce back pain and headaches for fuller breasted women.  For all women it can improve posture, overall appearance and enhance self-esteem. The right undergarment plays an important role in how your clothes fit and look on your body.  You can make a $10 t-shirt look great with a $100 bra.  You can’t make a $100 t-shirt look great with a $10 bra.

Why don't you use a tape measure to determine my size?

Just as no two women are built alike, no two bras are identical.

Different brands have different size charts. You may be a C cup in one brand and a D in another. Over the years, we have tested many “fit guide charts” and have yet to find an accurate fit that works for every woman.

Our experience indicates that the best way to a great fit is through a great bra fitting.

What are some signs that I am wearing the wrong size bra?

If you are counting down the minutes until you can take off your bra, then you are most definitely wearing the wrong size.

Other signs include:

  • not filling up the cup or bulging out of the cup
  • the back of the bra rides up and the cups tip forward (an indication the band is too loose)
  • the wire pinches or pokes you — OUCH!
  • the straps slide off your shoulders

With a good bra fitting, these annoying issues will be rectified.

What can I do to get a great fit if one breast is fuller than the other?

Breasts are similar to feet in that no two are exactly the same.

It is quite common to have one breast that is slightly fuller than the other.  In this case, the bra fitter will select a bra that fits the fuller cup.

There are several tricks to accommodating the smaller breast, including liners and inserts.

A t-shirt bra is a great solution because it comes with a moulded cup.

Why do you recommend I try on a bra even if I have purchased it before?

It is important to ensure that the bra is still working for you.  The bra you purchased a year ago may not fit the same as a new bra in the same size. Dye lots, fabrics, and styles all come into play when determining a perfect fit. Even if you are purchasing the exact same bra in two different colours, we recommend you try on both. This way, we can adjust the band and straps, since these can vary between colours.

Why do my bra straps continually slide off my shoulders?

Most likely, the band of your bra is too big.  A common mistake made when purchasing a bra is to increase the band size if the bra feels too small. Au contraire! It is important to get a snug fit around the rib cage.

For example, instead of going from a 34D to a 36D when the 34D feels too small, a fitter would bring you a 34DD.  Keeping the band size smaller brings the straps of the bra closer together.

Alternatively, some women simply have sloping shoulders. Look for a bra with straps that come closer to your neck or try the Canadian designed StrapDoctor, the cure for keeping bras straps in place.

How to I wash my bras?

Your bra will continue to support you and stand the test of time if you treat it well and wash it by hand after every other wear.

We recommend using a delicate soap like Forever New Wash, as it won’t cause the fabric to deteriorate. If you’re not inclined to wash your bras by hand, placing them in a mesh bag in the washing machine will keep them happy. Just make sure the back hooks are closed and use a delicate cycle.

Always hang your bras to dry.

Throwing your bra directly into the dryer is a sure-fire way to hurt it.

How long will my bra last?

We want your bras to last a long time.

If you follow our washing instructions above, you’re off to a good start in ensuring a full life for your bra.

There are many other factors that come into play in determining the lifespan of your bra. How many bras you are rotating, how active you are during the day, your work environment, and how often you wash your bra are just a few of the considerations.

We recommend rotating a minimum of three bras — one on the body, one in the wash and one ready to go. It is important to give your bra a day off, as this will give the fibres time to rest. Everybody deserves a break! You will know that your bra is ready to retire when it begins to ride up your back and your breasts tip forward. By the way, the same goes for your panties. Once they start riding, it’s time to bid them a fond farewell.

Help! I purchased a fabulous pair of white pants, now what do I wear under them??

No problem, this is an easy one for us! You must try a pair of Commando nude laser-cut panties. Some say these beauties have changed their life. Available in every style — from bikini to thong to full brief — the laser cut eliminates the panty line, and the nude colour is very forgiving under white, making these panties practically invisible.

What can I do about dreaded panty lines?

We’ve got you covered!

Nobody likes to see bulging panty lines under slim skirts and fitted pants. We have several different options.

Our favourite is the Hanky Panky thong. These come in a multitude of colours and are available in their signature low and original rise. They don’t dig or ride up, and best of all, they lie flat against the hips. Most women wear one-size-fits-all, but XS and XL are also available.

If you’re not a thong girl, don’t fret; try the Commando laser-cut full brief or the Commando control full brief.

For a slimming line, we recommend trying the Spanx Thinstincs. The tummy panel keeps the stomach flat and second skin fabric smooths the hips, thighs, and rear.

Feel free to bring in your garment of concern and play with some of these options.


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