Wearing Your Bra

Bare Basics Lingerie recommends alternating between 3 everyday bras; never wear the same bra two days in a row. This allows the fabric in your bra to relax, which minimizes stretching. Alternating between numerous bras will also extend their life.

Storing Your Bra

For molded cup bras, never invert the cups. This will start to deteriorate and misshape the cup. If necessary, place one cup on top of the other.

Washing Your Bra

We recommend hand-washing your bra after every wear or every other wear. Natural body oils will start to deteriorate fabrics, so the more often you wash them the better!

If you are unable to hand-wash your bras, we highly recommend using a bra-bag. Fold your bra in half, placing the hooks on the inside to prevent any possible damage to the bra or other garments in your washing machine. As with storing your bras, never invert molded cups when washing.

Always air-dry your bras. You can lay them flat or hang them to dry. If you hang them, do not hang them by the straps or the band (as this may cause stretching). We suggest unhooking your bra and laying it over a rail. (A shower curtain rod is a great place!)

Our laundry detergent of choice for washing lingerie is Forever New. The citric base breaks down dirt and body oils instead of fibres, and preserves the fit and shape of modern fabrics. Forever New has a fresh, clean scent and is available as a powder (in 4 sizes) and as a liquid detergent.


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