Trust us, it’s that easy- put the novelty tie down and read on. 


1.) Saxx, Bare Basics Lingerie 

These are life changing undies for the gents, seriously. With their patented ballpark pouch, and colourful styles and prints, pair with some fun socks for the fun loving and funky father. Made out of soft viscose, and featuring an anti-roll moisture wicking waistband, you cant go wrong here. Our top recommendations are the Super Hero Saxx Vibe for the new dad, and the Handyman Saxx Ultra for the young at heart. 


2.) Anything on his online wishlist at Steveston Marine Hardware, or bonus points on a gift certificate for something you can fix or build together. This one is for the dad who can truly fix it all (or wants to). Good thing he’s both handsome and handy- take that Red Green.


3.) Sealion watching tours with Seabreeze Adventures

The perfect gift for the Jacques Cousteau dad. He’s an adventurer at heart and loves the thrill of nature and a good Steveston salty breeze. Pack your waterproof camera for some sea selfies!

12551 No.1 Road   604-272-7999


4.)Steveston Barbers 

Keep your daddy-o in tip top shape for his Father’s Day festivities. The barbers at Steveston Barbers will pamper him in preparation for his special day, and have him leaving like the king he is.

3880 Chatham Street  604-277-7815


5.)BBQ supplies from Heringers and Meat from D’Original Sausage Haus 

For the grillmaster or the king of the kitchen- nothing says Father’s Day like a good old fashioned BBQ session. Authentic German sausages from D’Original paired with Meats and Sauces (we vote Maui Ribs!) from Heringer’s are a guaranteed hit for feasting.



6.) Build your own six pack of craft beers at O’Hare’s liquor store

 Richmond and Steveston’s largest selection of specialty (and mostly local!) craft beers, wine and liqueurs is a great place to visit for any budding mixer to master of the bar. Check dad’s empties to see what flavours, malt level and type he’s into- and take your findings to O’Hare’s. Their helpful staff will help you select creations that will go down a treat after mowing the lawn, washing the car or other dad approved activities. 



We wish all of the dads in our lives a happy Father’s Day!


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