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Amoena Alessia Brief


Notes from Amoena: Treat yourself to luxury with the Alessia briefs. Luxurious lace in the front, combined with elastic satin and soft microfiber in the back, creates a rich design. Flat finishes at the leg openings prevent marks. Opaque front and back, and with a comfortably lined cotton crotch, the Alessia brief combines style and comfort for a sophisticated lingerie experience.

    • The Alessia panty is an opulent blend of lace front, patterned elastic satin and soft microfiber back for a great feel
    • The super flat finish at the leg openings ensures a seamless fit, avoiding any visible marks on the skin.
    • The front and back are opaque, providing full coverage for a confident and stylish appearance.
    • The crotch area is lined with a soft cotton material, ensuring a comfortable, breathable fit throughout the day.
    • The Alessia brief combines elegant aesthetics with comfortable materials, offering a sophisticated and enjoyable lingerie experience.
    • The fabrication highlights an innovative design, adding a modern touch to the classic lace panty.
    • With its lace details on the front and its smooth microfiber back, the Alessia brief harmoniously combines style versatility and comfort for all occasions.
    • Designed with attention to detail, the Alessia panties reflect superior quality, combining high-level materials and know-how.
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