Bra straps keep slipping off your shoulders?

You may be wearing the incorrect size, or you just may have sloping shoulders.

The solution: Strap Doctor

Insert Strap Doctor under bra straps to prevent them from slipping of your shoulders! Each pack comes with one narrow pair and one regular pair. They are non-adhesive and can be transferred from bra to bra. They also work with dress straps and tank tops!

Need a smoother look front and centre?
But don’t want to wear a padded bra?

The solution: Smooth’em Nipple Concealers

The reusable, adhesive, silicone discs stick over the nipples to create a completely seamless silhouette. Can be worn with or without a bra, and even under swimsuits!

Have a racer-back top but no racer-back bra?

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new bra!

The solution: The Bra Strap Solution

The small plastic disc brings your bra straps together at the back, hiding your straps when wearing racer-back tops or dresses, workout wear, or sleeveless tops. Bringing the straps together also provides extra lift and support.
BONUS: The Bra Strap Solution is also a great way to tighten bra straps that are too loose!

Have a strapless dress but no strapless bra?
You don’t necessarily have to buy a strapless bra!

The solution: Clear Straps

If you own a bra with removable straps, just replace the straps with Clear Straps. The Clear Straps are adjustable and have a soft and subtle feel. Available in 3/4 inch and 3/8 inch widths.

Does your bra show under a low-cut top?

You don’t have to cover up with a cami!

The solution: In Place Fashion Tape

This double-sided tape adheres skin-to-fabric and fabric-to-fabric! Perfect for plunging necklines, open-side tops or dresses, strapless tops or dresses, and blouse gaps. Each pack comes with 24 strips that are smartly designed to let you alter the width of the tape.

Is your bra a little too snug in the back? But love everything else about it?

The solution: Bra Extenders

The extenders come in varying sizes (one, two, three, and four hooks) and colours (nude, white, and black). You can buy a single extender or in a multi-pack of three.


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