Giving Back

Cinderella Project

The Cinderella Project was created to give every grad the fairy-tale prom day she deserves.  This special event celebrates students who have overcome adversity to reach the important milestone of graduating high school. On “Boutique Day”, 150 young students fill a ballroom to be outfitted from head to toe in prom attire. Bare Basics fit specialists work with each young lady to give her the royal treatment. Each graduate is fit and then gifted the perfect undergarment to complement her special dress.

The Cinderella project depends solely on the support of sponsors and volunteers.  Bare Basics is thankful to St. Hilaire (Chantelle and Passionata) and Triumph for donating product for the event. The agents for these lines also donate their fit expertise and join the Bare Basics staff on Boutique Day.


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